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Observatory Sighting & Diagram

Proper sighting of the observatory

The sighting of the observatory was selected to enhance the educational exposure of the Observatory and is not ideal for the measurement of some components of weather. A better location would have been in the center of the University Quadrangle, but even this location is not perfect because of proximity to the trees around the Quad. Few stations can be located in ideal places, but this observatory provides good measurements of most parameters because it is located over a grassy surface more than 40 meters from buildings.

Because of a large pine tree to the southeast of the station, our measurements of solar radiation are shaded, especially during the winter months. We are adding solar radiation sensors on the roof of the Biology & Natural Resources building to provide a clear view of the sky and a primary reference measurement of solar radiation. These measurements will be transmitted to the central observatory and displayed on this website. Siting refers to the physical location of the Observatory. Exposure refers to the deployment of the instruments in relation to the elements. The National Weather Service has published standards for locating weather stations. Few stations can be located in an ideal location. This station provides good measurements of most weather variables and is well positioned to educate students on the measurement of weather.

diagram of observatory